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inmarsat IsatPhone Pro Rental

Durable Satellite Phone for the Adventurous Traveler

Service Info
Handset Specifications

The iSatPhone Pro is an affordable and compact satellite phone, providing excellent global coverage (excluding Northern and Southern polar regions). Using your iSatPhone Pro is as simple as using a cellular phone; just charge it up and bring it along! It is perfect satellite phone rental choice for camping trips, cruises, and anytime you're out of range of cell phone coverage.

To rent a sat phone from ekit.com is easy and convenient. Our rentals include an international plug adapter kit and come in a sturdy Pelican carrying case.

Your rental fees are calculated per day, not per week. And there is no minimum airtime requirement throughout your rental, you only pay for the minutes and texts you actually use.

Rental Rates

5 to 21 Days 22 to 56 Days 57+ Days
$6.99 / Day $5.99 / Day $4.99 / Day

Airtime Rates

Outgoing Calls Incoming Calls
Outgoing SMS,
Text & Email
Incoming SMS,
Text & Email
$1.59 / min FREE $0.69 / text FREE

Airtime will be billed on the 15th of each month for the previous calendar month.
For Example: If your rental is in three calendar months, you will receive three airtime invoices. The last airtime invoice will be received on the 10th of the month following the calendar month the phone was returned.


This map depicts inmarsat's expectations of coverage. This map does not represent a guarantee of service.

The coverage can become spotty the closer you get to the edges of the coverage area.

inmarsat complies with US embargo restrictions and as a result the following countries may not permit the use of inmarsat satellite phones or coverage may not be available: Cuba, Iran, North Korea. For some countries a permit is required in order to possess and operate a satellite phone, i.e. China, India, Myanmar. Please check either with the state department or local authorities if a permit is required.

inmarsat IsatPhone Pro Rental

inmarsat IsatPhone Pro Rental

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